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Counseling and Consulting

Are you ready for a Transformation…from the inside – out?

  Life can often be difficult and hard to navigate, but I believe in the strength and

      resiliency to grow and change. Therapy is a challenging, yet warm process that entails self-reflection and honest conversations. Most importantly, it’s an opportunity to learn new skills in a comfortable and safe environment. Here at Henry Counseling and Consulting, we are here to help you reach your goal in a supportive, empathetic, and compassionate space where you can thrive.

Welcome, I'm Tora.

I meet people where they are

and walk alongside them to

where they want to be.



Counseling and Consulting

but ter fly

Butterflies are symbols of transformation, hope, and rebirth. They evoke the qualities of freedom, earthly beauty, love, and the human soul.

Butterflies have inspired humans for thousands of years with their delicate nature and the immense power they possess. They’re born as caterpillars, cocoon themselves, and emerge in their true form — but not only can we see the before and after, we can actually see the process happening, and be inspired by it to do the hard work on ourselves, knowing we too can grow and transform.



 Individual Counseling 

 Couples Counseling 

 Group Counseling 

 Walk & Talk Counseling 

 Telehealth Counseling 

 Family Counseling 

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